1. Perfect Office Projector Investments for the End of the Financial Year

    As the new financial year approaches, it’s quickly getting to that time when businesses everywhere take a moment to reflect on their financial performance. And if this looks to be an optimistic moment for you – then you might well consider an ‘end of the financial year’ investment for your office or business.

    If that’s the case, then we think an office projector is the perfect way to kit out your workspace. Projectors are a great addition to just about any office environment, so much so that even the smallest businesse

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  2. Top Entry Level Meeting Room Projectors for Under £1,000

    So, you’re a small or medium sized enterprise, and you think your business or office could benefit from a projector. A fairly smart conclusion to come to, we think: projectors save time, enhance productivity and create a single visual reference point to draw the whole team together.

    But the last thing small businesses want is to spend thousands of pounds on a new piece of technology, however useful it might be.

    So it’s music to many people’s ears to hear that good proje

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  3. Buyers Guide: HD Home Cinema Projector for Under £1,500

    Where some years ago, any HD home cinema projector worth its salt came with an unavoidably enormous price tag, developments in the industry mean they’re n

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  4. Best Budget Short Throw Projectors

    Most people looking to add a projector to their meeting room setup quickly find that they don’t have all that much space to play around with. Even if your room is large enough to fit a two-metre throw distance, is it large enough to leave that space clear for chairs and tables for meeting attendees to gather around? Will people get in the way and end up walking between the projector and the screen interrupting presentations?

    Short throw projectors are designed to solve these problems by reducing t

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  5. Three Surprisingly Good BenQ Projectors under £500

    With each year that passes, we're seeing more and more next-level projector technology filter down to more accessible price points.

    BenQ is a clear leader in this area. Known for its cost effective office projectors, the brand is now finally being recognised for the quality of its products and their excellent image quality as well. BenQ is one of the few manufacturers with an excellent entry-level range of projectors that can boast fantastic resolution, brightness, overall great picture quality, and a price tag under

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  6. The Top 10 Projectors For Large Venues

    Large spaces need projectors that can shine more light over more space onto bigger screens to reach more people. So if you’re looking to pull off an engaging and impactful conference, lecture or meeting, you’re going to need the right technology for the job.

    Here’s a look at some of the challenges of projectors in large spaces and our recommendations for the best technology to overcome them.

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  7. The Best Projectors for Bright Meeting Rooms

    Getting projectors to work at their best in office environments has always been trickier than in a home cinema. There tends to be a whole lot more natural light in your office or meeting room then there is in your lounge. And since projectors and natural light are not the best of friends, this has the potential to cause some difficulty.

    Luckily, in recent years, the best projectors for offices have been getting steadily brighter and brighter, meaning the amount of natural light they can contend with continues to grow.

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  8. Quick Picks: Top 3 Events Projectors for Summer 2017

    Whether you’re an events coordinator, a hotel manager, wedding planner or a mobile DJ, the latest range of projectors from the industry’s top brands could be exactly what you need to help your next event stand out.

    But how do you know which to buy? If you’ve a bit more time on your hands, then jump into our more in-depth article on events projectors here and take a look at our full guide to buying the right event projector.

    If you’re pressed for time, then read on for three s

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  9. Summer 2017’s Hottest Projector Launch: The BenQ LK970

    One of our most hotly anticipated projectors to be launched this year, the BenQ LK970 combines two of the most desirable features in the projector market: 4K technology and a laser light source.

    Tipped to be one of 2017’s most exciting projector releases for businesses, we’ve taken a more in depth look at BenQ's latest creation.

    Introducing the BenQ LK970

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  10. What’s Driving Global Growth in Demand for Projectors?

    The global projector market is set to grow by at least 10 per cent in the next four years, with the corporate sector leading the way. We’ve taken a look at why projectors are becoming the must-have technology across professional and home markets alike, and why the UK isn’t quite keeping pace with the global market.

    Growing demand for projection

    The volume of the global projector market is set to grow by 9.41 per cent during the next four years. This is according to figures from the recently released Global Pro

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