1. Bright Meeting Room? Here’s the Office Projectors for Summer 2019

    Enjoying the summer is pretty high on our list of priorities at Projectorpoint! In fact, a love for good weather comes in at a very close second to our appreciation

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  2. Are You Ready for BenQ’s 2019 Home Cinema Projectors?

    When you’re setting up your home cinema, you want to make sure everything is just right, from the popcorn to the film choice and, of course, the p

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  3. The Ultimate Meeting Room Projector Showdown

    Do offices in 2019 still need awesome meeting room projector quality? Despite the evolving nature of modern office spaces, the answer is obviously yes.

    In the face of virtual workers and shared workstations that are very far removed from traditional office setups of the past, great visual projection technology has remained a strong asset in any work environment.

    For those in the market for something more than mediocre, here’s our ultimate meeting room projector showdown guide.

    What makes a great meeting room projector?

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  4. The New BenQ Laser 2018 Business Projector Line-up

    Even though the prices of consumer TV’s or professional displays has reduced in the last few years, there’s still a tipping point on screen size BenQ’s popularity in the projector world makes a compelling reason to go for a projector. Not only does the brand dominate the budget office projector space, but it does so without sacrificing on image quality, so that serious small businesses have the perfect entry into the realm of projection. (The also make superb performing and spec-for-pound-sterling leading home cinema projectors too.)

    BenQ has an almost unrivalled position for bringing the i

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  5. The Best Office Projectors of Summer 2018

    When searching for their dream projector, our customers often find that the most difficult thing is: where to start? There’s a seemingly endless list of models from a long list of manufacturers a

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  6. Set Your Office or Pub Up for the Future with the World Cup 2018

    The World Cup doesn’t come around often – so it’s a pretty momentous occasion when it does. Football fans everywhere will want to celebrate in style and if they’re not able to attend a match in person, there’s little better than watching it on a big projector screen at the pub with your mates. Failing that, a lot of us have to make do with watching it in one of the office meeting rooms if the boss allows it!

    If you’re the pub landlord, it’s on you to deliver that big screen. Fortunately, you’re not just making a purchase for a single sporting event; the right projector should set you

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  7. 4 Projectors to Make the 2018 Fifa World Cup an Experience to Remember

    The World Cup is certainly a momentous, memorable and indeed – rare experience for football fans everywhere. The four-year cycle of the World Cup makes it an occasion to savour and remember. For many football fans, the World Cup is the biggest event on the calendar.

    Perhaps you’ve managed to get your hands on some tickets for this year’s matches. If not, why not consider the next best thing and get up close and personal with the action on a projector screen?

    Investing in a top quality projector and a projector screen is more affordable than ever

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  8. It’s Time to Get Serious about that Home Cinema Dream

    Plenty of people have big plans to get their dream home cinema projector setup sorted out. One day.

    Whether it’s a simple HD projector that’ll play all your DVDs and blu-rays, or a more upmarket 4K UHD home cinema projector that’ll display new blockbusters in all their detailed glory – we think it’s time for you to get your home cinema in place today.

    Top quality projector technology is more accessible than ever with great devices available for just about any budget. To get you started, we’ve brought together a selection of the best projec

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  9. The BenQ W1700: 4K UHD Resolution at a Market-Shifting Price

    The BenQ W1700 aims to bridge the gap between affordable projection and high quality 4K resolution.

    It comes in at around £500 less than its rivals in this bracket of quality at a very reasonable £1,439 inc VAT. However, BenQ’s latest home cinema projector still displays 8.3 million distinct pixels on screen, delivering images that far surpass those of its HD predecessors.

    This performance is made possible through ‘pseudo’ 4K UHD pixel shifting technology. Unlike native 4K, 4K UHD uses a lower resolution display panel to project the same pixels twice,

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  10. Does BenQ Have the Home Cinema Projector for You?

    BenQ has a tendency to dominate every list of ‘great projectors at great prices’ round-up we ever write. For reference, consult examples one, two and three. But there’s a very good reason for this; because as far as bringing the latest technology to the budget-accessible market is concerned, BenQ is unparalleled.

    For those looking to install their own home cinema setup, BenQ remains a popul

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