It may be a projector "low on subtlety", but the BenQ W600 can make any number of bright, animated movie scenes look a lot more eye-catching and satisfying than you might expect for under £500.

That's the conclusion of projector veterans at the TrustedReviews site, who single out the daytime battle sequences of the Braveheart Blu-ray and Casino Royale's daytime Bahamas scenes for particularly "spectacular" results.

They grant that the price to pay for the projector's advantages lies in the distracting rainbow effect created when it comes to "anything containing a mix of bright and dark material". Its optical zoom is also a limited 1.15x.

Sporting the same 3,000:1 contrast ratio and six-segment colour wheel as BenQ's more expensive W1000 projector, the HD-ready W600 boasts a higher brightness figure of 2,600 ANSI Lumens.

On the downside, the reviewers note, the W600's gloss-white finish and "slightly metallic looking top strip" can't conceal its resemblance to the average "imagination-free data or education projector".

It does, however, have two HDMIs in addition to component video, composite video, S-Video and analogue PC inputs. Audio inputs are also featured, while the projector's short-throw lens "can produce decent-sized images without needing a dedicated home cinema space".