BenQ is to begin shipment of its next-generation MS517, MX518, and MW519 SmartEco projectors at the end of this month.

The projector brand is aiming the new projectors squarely at people who need solutions for small- and medium-sized spaces. All three of the projectors provide 2,800 ANSI lumens of brightness, contrast ratios of 13,000:1 and lamplifes of as long as 6,500 hours.

The MS517 provides SVGA resolution, the MX518 provides XGA and the MW519 provides WXGA. The projectors provide unlimited 3D Blu-ray entertainment via a state-of-the-art HDMI 1.4 interface to allow for impeccable display opportunities.

BenQ’s director of retail and e-commerce, Bob Wudeck, said, “With our latest projectors, we're combining effortless 3D connectivity with best in class lamp life to offer tremendous value to our customers – all at a fantastic price tag.

“Our elegant, eco-friendly, and high-performing next-gen projectors allow users to enjoy a rich experience in any setting.”

The projectors’ SmartEco mode allows their lamps to be automatically adjusted to provide the best contrast and brightness performance, while only using just as much light as is essential, to ensure maximum power savings. They have fast cooling times to all but eliminate the risk of heat damage and use DLP BrilliantColor to prevent the need to clean messy filters and reduce total cost of ownership.