Leading DLP projector brand BenQ has announced it has started shipping two new HD DLP home cinema projectors, which it says are ideal for high-rise dwellers with "media rooms" in their apartments.

Aimed at property developers and those living in newer multidwelling units (MDUs), BenQ claims the W1100 and W1200 deliver the "ultimate in big screen entertainment" and an "extraordinary" audio-visual experience.

"MDU developers can now provide their residents with immersive sound right out of the box, without the additional expense of add-on sound systems," the company says.

The projectors are built using Texas Instruments' DLP technology and come with 1,080p resolution, a 12-lens optical system, and built-in dual 10-W speakers with SRS Wow HD sound technology.

The W1100 has 2,000-lumens brightness with a 4,500:1 contrast ratio and a full 10-bit colour processor, while the W1200 is a step up, offering 1,800-lumens with a 5,000:1 contrast ratio, and the same 10-bit processor, but with the addition of Advanced Color Wheel Coating technology to improve colour saturation.

BenQ says that as well as offering remarkable colour and detail, high brightness, and extremely high contrast ratios with virtually no colour decay, these projectors are convenient, affordable and easy to set up.