BenQ reveals new projector

BenQ has revealed its latest projector, the SU917 Colorific projector.

The company, which is the world's second largest supplier of projectors globally, announced that the SU917 Colorific projector will help to streamline the setup process for large venues.

BenQ revealed that the 5,000 lumen device has high brightness and a series of easy calibration tools to make it simple to use.

The SU917 Colorific projector has a 1.5x zoom lens, as well as a vertical lens shift, corner fit correction and a remote control hot key to speed up the installation process.

Bob Wudeck, associate vice-president of strategy and business development at BenQ America Corp, stated that BenQ's innovative installation tools are being made available to large projection applications through the release of the SU917 Colorific projector.

He said: "Equipped with time-saving setup features, the device's unique value proposition allows users to speed-up the calibration process while shining content at astoundingly high brightness levels."

The SU917 Colorific projector also benefits from a high 7000:1 contrast ratio and crystal-clear WUXGA resolution, while the device's vertical lens shift capabilities are from 120 per cent to 145 per cent.

Mr Wudeck added: "When adding-in MHL, wireless display capabilities, and our SmartEco technology, the SU917 lets professional presentations shine with flying colours without impacting operation costs, ease-of-use, or all-inclusive connectivity."

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