BenQ retains top spot in Indian projector market
The projector market in India has been growing steadily for a number of years. Sony, LG, NEC and BenQ have been the major players in the Indian market for some time now.

Nevertheless, according to a recent report, BenQ has retained its top spot as leader of the project market with a 25 per cent share.

According to the report, BenQ grew from 22.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2015 to 25 per cent in 2016. The report also shows that BenQ has a market share of 52 per cent in the Full HD projector market.

In addition, BenQ registered a 45 per cent share in the short throw projector category and is number one in each of the three fastest growing projector models for the Indian projector market.

The report suggests that this is because of the young consumers that are buying up the projectors and has seen companies such as BenQ taking the lead in the projector arena. Rajeev Singh, the managing director for BenQ in India, said: “We are extremely proud and excited about strengthening our position and leading the Indian Projectors market while also growing our market share to 25 per cent.

“This is a result of BenQ's strong focus on technology specifically meant for India, service capability and deep penetration of our sales and marketing efforts. There has been immense support from our channel partners and key customers who have contributed to the growth of the company in the market.

"BenQ aims to provide an incredible display experience, whether the consumer wants to use our product for home entertainment, business or education."