BenQ has released a short-throw alternative to its popular W1080ST standard projector.

The W1070 short-throw projector has been designed by the international projector manufacturer to benefit those who do not have the room length necessary to project a quality image from a standard projector.

Unlike its standard counterpart, the W1070 is capable of projecting a 65-inch image from only one metre away. Not only does this enable users to use the projection technology in almost any room, but it also helps users avoid the issue of blocking the picture.

Other than the difference in focal length, most other aspects of the W1070 projector are the same as its predecessor. A DLP projector, it runs on DarkChip3 and projects a Full HD resolution image (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

The projector is also 3D and includes 2,000 ANSI lumens and 10,000:1 contrast ratio, which does improve upon the W1080ST's 1,300:1.

All buttons and settings are located on the top of the projector, including the manual focus ring, and a number of ports are provided to the rear. These include two HDMI ports, VGA inputs, component and composite ports and s-video.

An audio in and out port also benefit users, allowing for the addition of extra audio equipment to boost the sound quality.