Digital technology company, BenQ, has teamed up with visual computing software brand, Mersive, to develop cost-effective image blending display technology through the use of clusters of small projectors.

Attendees of the InfoComm 2012 trade fair, which is taking place this week in Las Vegas, will be able to see a range of the multiprojector displays, from small to large scale. The displays will use BenQ's high-performance SH960, blue core LW61ST laser, and Joybee GP2 projectors, along with the Sol display management software from Mersive.

The multiprojector technology will be able to serve large and complex public displays such as interactive floors, 360-degree domes, spheres, and other unconventional forms. Through the use of the affordable BenQ projectors, these capabilities will be accessible to clients who had previously found them to be cost prohibitive.

The president of BenQ America Corp, Lars Yoder, said that they were thrilled to be entering into such an advanced yet accessible project with Mersive.

“For integrators, the combination of BenQ and Mersive provides exceptional performance and unprecedented value,” he said. “Not only are BenQ’s projectors cost-effective, but Mersive’s auto-calibration reduces the cost of ownership even further by eliminating the hours of maintenance required for recalibration.”