BenQ has announced it has obtained an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its MP772ST projector, making it the world’s first projector with the certification.

The Taiwan-based company said it had received a Type III Environmental Declaration, which is commonly known as an EPD, for the MP772ST, a short-throw DLP projector.

The certification from the Global Environmental Declaration Network (GEDnet) provides a detailed inventory of the environmental impact and energy consumption of goods and services. The list encompasses the projector’s entire life cycle from research and development and design through to manufacturing and sales distribution, then its use and disposal after service life.

The inventory consists of complete quantitative data and qualitative information on many aspects regarding projectors including carbon footprint, used materials, consumption of energy and water resources as well as generation of various pollutants and waste, BenQ said.

Earlier this year, the company took part in a scheme run by the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association to develop ways to assess the carbon footprint of products. It has also collaborated with Taiwan-based projector makers to set up projector Product Category Rules (PCR), which provide guidance for the collection and calculation of data on the environmental impact of projectors.