An improved projector lamp technology has been developed by BenQ, which enables the devices to have much better energy saving capabilities.

The SmartEco technology increases the projector lamp life while optimising image contrast. This means that the maintenance and operating costs of the gadget can be greatly reduced, without impacting on the image quality overall.

SmartEco works by dynamically adjusting the lamp power based on the projected content. So by reading the onscreen image, the projector can adjust to different brightness settings and only needs to use its maximum power when a certain picture requires.

Meanwhile, an internal software solution maintains the ideal colour spectrum and improves the contrast ratio.

Overall, these techniques combine to cut the energy consumption of the device by up to 70 per cent, substantially improving the lifespan of the projector lamp.

The technology is included in five of BenQ's projectors. These are the MS513, MW516, MW712, MX813ST and the MX850US.

Projector lamps are traditionally one of the most expensive aspects of projector maintenance. This makes each new development an important part of the progress when it comes to improving the quality and accessibility of the market.