Even though the prices of consumer TV’s or professional displays has reduced in the last few years, there’s still a tipping point on screen size BenQ’s popularity in the projector world makes a compelling reason to go for a projector. Not only does the brand dominate the budget office projector space, but it does so without sacrificing on image quality, so that serious small businesses have the perfect entry into the realm of projection. (The also make superb performing and spec-for-pound-sterling leading home cinema projectors too.)

BenQ has an almost unrivalled position for bringing the industry’s latest technology to the budget-focused market. From hardcore gamers and avid sports fans who love to watch their favourite fixtures in large proportions, to professional businesses and teams intent on maximising productivity and collaboration, BenQ has enticed many people into the world of projection technology to look beyond their TVs and even display screens.

With the release of their new laser projector line-up, we can see yet again a commitment to delivering impressive image quality at an affordable price point. From entry-level models that frankly outperform even some of their pricier competition, to more advanced machines for those willing to invest in some serious hardware, this latest BenQ range has something for everyone.

Here’s a look at the exciting new laser line-up from BenQ…


BenQ LH720

The BenQ LH720 offers a laser light source (with 20,000 hours typical lamp life) Full HD resolution, 4000 lumens brightness and a stunning 100,000:1 contrast ratio for just over £1750.

We sell a huge amount of projectors around the 4000 lm / Full HD spec point and we’ve been very impressed by the LH720.

Offering crisp, clear and impressively accurate images, this could be the perfect way to boost your meeting productivity. As the most affordable laser 1080p model in this new line-up, we’re likely to see plenty of these units fly off the shelves in months to come and think it should seriously be in your shortlist.

It’s worth also noting that the BenQ LH720 comes with generous connectivity inputs including dual HDMI and VGA so that all your devices can easily connect to the projector without the hassle of unplugging and switching between various cables.

In fact, it’s pretty hard to recommend another projector at this price point! (and if you’re budgeting slightly less than this – consider the lamp costs over a couple of years of operation… this laser unit could save you £600!)

Light Source: Laser

Lumens: 4,000

Resolution: 1920x1080px (Full HD)

Lamp Life: 20,000 hours

Price: £1,755 ex VAT


BenQ LH770

The BenQ LH770 is a phenomenal technical achievement for under £2,000 ex VAT and it’s also incredible value in total-cost-of-ownership terms and supremely easy to use and flexible to install.

Starting on the technical side of things, the LH770 is a distinct step up in optical performance with a massively improved 12-element, 4 group lens system. Shorthand for very crisp images from edge to edge even on massive display screens.

The LH770’s dual colour wheels produce 95% Rec.709 colour coverage. What this really means is… incredibly vivid and accurate presentations of your work. Even those spreadsheets will have a new lease of life!

So it’s sharp and colour accurate… and we didn’t mention bright at 5000 lumens with a great contrast ratio for deep blacks too.

If you needed more convincing, it has superior dustproofing and a solid 5-year warranty and it’s easy to install thanks to strong lens shift on both horizontal and vertical axis.

For the bring your own device offices, BenQ offers a QCast Wi-Fi dongle for presentation from mobile devices or the BenQ InstaShow WDC10 for an easy and cost-effective way to collaborate.

Are you sold yet? We certainly are! For under £2,000 ex VAT, the LH770 is the one to beat…

Light Source: Laser

Lumens: 5,000

Resolution: 1920x1080px (Full HD)

Lamp Life: 20,000 Hours

Price: £1,925 ex VAT


BenQ LK952

Now we’re looking at some truly high-grade technology with the BenQ LK952. The BenQ LK952 is corporate installation grade projector featuring 5000 ansi lumens and 4K UHD upscaling resolution to produce 3840 x 2160 pixels on screen (four times that of 1080p resolution) for bright, crisp, razor-sharp images a perfect choice where finite detail is required.

But as per usual with BenQ, we’re seeing this model enter the market at one of the most affordable price points for a 4K UHD corporate laser projector. It’s four times the resolution for just over double the price, but the resolution isn’t everything it has to offer.

This beauty creates strikingly clear images with stratospherically high 100,000:1 native contrast ratio for truly deep blacks, vivid rich colours and fine subtle details.

If you’ve got a larger meeting room, boardroom, large screen or you just want the very best for your office – look no further, this HDR-equipped, installation projector is incredible value.

Light Source: Laser

Lumens: 5,000

Resolution: 3840x2160px (Upscaled 4K UHD)

Lamp Life: 20,000 hours

Price: £4,495.00 ex VAT


BenQ LK953ST

Finally, the BenQ LK953ST is a machine truly committed to delivering consistently clear and detailed image projection with it’s 4K resolution for the most demanding audiences. If you’re looking for complex and detailed representation of 4K video content, data or CAD software that require minute detail to be apparent then you’ll want to go for 4K resolution on your projector with no compromise.

But why go for this over the LK952 above?

What’s really great about this unit is its short throw lens functionality. It’s a 5000 lumens, 4K resolution Short throw projector.

It’s the first laser device to come to the market with 4K UHD resolution and short-throw functionality and lens-shift capability – quite a round of firsts there BenQ!

You may think this is a niche product and you would be right to a degree, but the sheer flexibility of installation opportunity this offers is vast.

With both horizontal and vertical lens shift features, it is perfect for simple and quick image placement avoid too many complications at the point of install. Just this minimised labout time alone could save you the cost difference in the unit itself.

Light Source: Laser

Lumens: 5,000

Resolution: 3840x2160px (Native 4K UHD resolution)

Lamp Life: 20,000 hours

Price: £6,295 ex VAT

So there’s your roundup. Laser projectors are not cheap, but if you’re looking for low maintenance devices with next-level image quality, they’re worth it and the price point BenQ are offering here is some seriously good value for the tech.

But the fact remains that at this level, projectors are long-term investments and we want to help ensure you get the best purchase for your setup. If you’d like to discuss any of the models we’ve looked at above in more detail, please get in touch with our projector experts who will be happy to help.