BenQ Corp. is celebrating maintaining its position as the world’s second-largest projector brand in the second quarter of 2012, with a market share of 10.8 per cent.

The Taiwanese manufacturer was second only to Japan’s Epson projector brand in terms of units sold, with executives praising the dominance BenQ has achieved in a number of crucial markets, including China, India and Indonesia.

The brand has been on a mission this year to sponsor a number of key industry and corporate events, raising the profile of the BenQ brand and showcasing the most recent developments and features that have been incorporated into its products.

In Europe, BenQ now commands a 20 per cent market share for home entertainment projectors and, in the home-manufacturer dominated Japanese market, it has managed to establish itself as the third largest projector supplier in the country. BenQ has been particularly successful in penetrating the market for educational projectors in Japan.

The company expects to see its annual sales grow to over one million units this year from 920,000 units posted last year. The further its growth, BenQ is looking to explore global market demands for home entertainment systems.