The newest mini projector from BenQ is promising to provide a 40 inch 720p image from just one metre away.

The Joybee GP3, which is 13cm x 14cm in size, can project a maximum image of 160 inches using a 3LED system rather than a traditional video projector lamp, which has an output of 150 lumens.

The GP3 uses a new system called Stream to Me, which allows the projector to display images from compatible sources, such as computers, mobile phones and tablets. It also includes a PC display mode which can be used with either a Windows PC or a Mac. Designed to work with a wi-fi connection, the GP3’s features also include an iPod dock.

The projector can display images and documents straight from USB drives and SD cards as well as wired inputs. Built in speakers are also part of the package.

BenQ Australia managing director Martin Moelle said: "The concept of home entertainment is not just for audiovisual enthusiasts and professional techies - anyone can operate the GP3 and no installation is required.

"Sit it on your coffee table when in use, and house it away in a cupboard or drawer when not in use. Sharing seamless audiovisual entertainment with friends and family has never been easier."