The 4K home cinema projector industry is highly competitive. It's a market dominated by leading brands like Sony and Canon, with a rich brand history and well-established reputations across the consumer technology sector.

But there are also a handful of underdogs in the arena. One such brand is BenQ. The company has an excellent range of 4K home cinema projectors but it is not a common household name when it comes to home entertainment.

Despite this, BenQ has gained a strong following with home cinema fans, so what does this underdog have to offer?

Infiltrating the 4K home cinema market

As a top ranking IT firm, BenQ has been internationally renowned since its conception in 2001. Ranked 13th in the BusinessWeek’s Global Top 100 IT Companies just one year after its launch, the company grew quickly from strength to strength.

BenQ is also well known for its innovative designs, having won more than 200 international design awards. It’s this innovation and dedication to remaining at the head of the technology sector that’s driven the company to its position at the forefront of the home cinema projector industry.

Despite the quality of its products, when you're up against brands like Apple, Panasonic and Sony and their huge range of home entertainment devices, it’s no surprise that BenQ is still considered an underdog – the name just doesn't crop up that often.

However, praise and recommendations from experts has begun to gain the brand the recognition it deserves. Thanks to years of honing its skills in innovation and manufacturing, BenQ is now celebrated for delivering high quality, reliable projectors that provide top specifications while remaining within the realms of affordability.

Consistently voted as Projectorpoint customer’s most popular brands, we've always been big fans of BenQ projectors' picture performance, excellent connectivity, brightness and resolution for such great prices. Forward-looking features such as edge blending and HDBaseT digital connection are the final touches.

BenQ’s 4K home cinema offerings

BenQ’s industry leading 4K home cinema projector technology includes one of the company’s many world firsts: the BenQ W11000. The only THX HD Display Certified DLP 4K home cinema projector in existence, the W11000 offers some of the most advanced technology on the market and some of the most impressive images too. It also meets the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) requirements for 4K UHD resolution with an impressive 8.3 megapixel picture.

The W11000 projector also impresses with its SmartEco technology and CinemaMaster image processing technology, the latter of which provides improved motion and colour reproduction. Overall, an extremely strong contender that stands out in a highly competitive, premium and enthusiast-led 4K market.

BenQ has seen similar success with its X12000 4K projector, the world’s first DLP 4K UHD LED home cinema projector. The X12000 offers cinema quality results at a fraction of the price of competing brands.

The X12000 includes DCI-P3 technology, which is a colour standard of DLP digital cinema derived from the same technology that’s used worldwide in IMAX cinemas. This, along with its plethora of additional features and reliability, make the X12000 another strong contender, and a prime example of why we believe BenQ deserves to step up and take its place as an premium brand amongst the established competition and a true expert in the 4K home cinema projector market.

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