Home cinema enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that a new gadget from Belkin is capable of turning any iPad into a home cinema experience.

Belkin's new Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater has been launched by the iPad and iPhone accessories company in order to give a “theatre-like audio boost to your iPad,” reported MSN Tech.

The Thunderstorm system fits around the iPad and has speakers that rest along the bottom of the screen, facing the viewer.

The cinematic stereo speakers – which are made by Audifi – are capable of optimising base frequencies through integrated air channels, offering viewers the very best surround sound experience for their home cinema evenings.

The speakers also feature a built-in amp, giving even more power to the sound they produce. The dock is capable of connecting directly to the iPad through a Lightning dock connector, making it extremely compact, lightweight and portable.

Four different sound modes are available for users to choose from, including music, moving, gaming and conference call settings, meaning that the device is capable of far more than just home cinema offerings. The device comes with a magnetically attached folding cover featuring multiple stand configurations, making it suitable for numerous handheld devices.

The Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater for iPad will cost around £130.