A Batman superfan in the US is spending more than $2 million turning his home cinema into a replica bat cave.

Inspired by his love of the Caped Crusader, the unidentified American has commissioned Canadian home cinema experts, Elite Home Theater Seating, to completely deck the place out in the Gothic style of the popular franchise.

Some of the unique specifications in the project – which is being built at the owner’s home in Greenwich, Connecticut – include the installation of a replica Batmobile, winged gargoyles and a private cylindrical stainless steel elevator with glowing bat symbol. The technical specifications of the den include a 180-degree projector screen and high-specification projector equipment.

The installation is accessed through a hidden door from a separate study, which is decorated with imposing classical features including a stately antique grandfather clock, wall-to-wall bookshelves and a bust of William Shakespeare.

The elevator to the 12,000 foot home cinema can only be enabled through a real fingerprint scan which is then controlled by a glowing Bat symbol.

Adding to the decorations in the lair are six life-sized batman suits for when the owner and his friends really want to get into character.