1. Barco announces global deployments of new projectors

    Barco has announced that its latest award-winning 4K 6P laser-illuminated projectors are now shipping around the world.

    Cinemark, Kinepolis and Santikos are among those to have already bought Barco's new projectors, which have also been fitted at top theatre chains throughout China, Latin America and Europe.

    The laser-illuminated projector has also won awards such as the prestigious Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition award and the Lumiere Technology and New Product award from the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society.

    Todd Hoddick, vice-president of global entertainment for Barco, said: "When we developed our laser projector, we knew immediately that Barco was setting a new standard for image quality in the cinema industry."

    He added that Barco's latest 4K 6P laser-illuminated projectors offer users "an unparalleled moviegoing experience elevating the immersive realism of motion pictures".

    Barco has been breaking new ground with the device, which is the only RGB laser projector to achieve DCI compliance and is also the most compact 60,000-lumen projector available.

    The company also claims that it is the simplest and only fully integrated 6P solution for cinema, as well as the first of its kind that is capable of showing 4K content at 60 fps and 3D movies in full 4K resolution.

    Barco is currently preparing to showcase its new product CinemaBarco at ShowEast this week. Mr Hoddick said Barco's goal is to "champion a new era in motion picture entertainment".

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  2. Barco displays business projectors at Boston Expo

    Projector manufacturer Barco displayed its latest devices for the business market at the Boston Expo last week.

    The company was among those to show off new technology at the event, which took place on 3 October at the Boston Marriott Newton in Newton, Massachusetts.

    Barco displayed its range of Present-C projectors at the Boston Expo, with the devices capable of resolutions including 2560x1080 and 2560x1600 native.

    The company said: "The Present-C projectors are unique in combining high resolutions with exceptional contrast ratio levels, for high-quality and detailed images that boost professional presentations for higher meeting efficiency."

    Barco added that it expects the new business projectors to be commercially available from the beginning of November. Models include the PFWX-51B, the PHXG-91B and the 10,000 lumens PJWU-101B.

    Neil Wittering, product marketing manager for Barco, explained that the event was the ideal stage to debut the company's latest business projectors.

    He added: "With interconnected work environments and a growing shift towards enterprise collaboration, we believe that our Present-C projectors will help meet the rich information-sharing demands of today's meeting rooms."

    The new business projectors can also be combined with Barco’s single-click presentation system, which allows organisations to improve the usability of their meeting rooms, in turn boosting collaboration and efficiency.

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  3. Barco projector wins Lumiere award

    Barco has scooped a Lumiere award for its 4K laser-illuminated projector.

    The manufacturer was picked out for the prize as a result of the innovation on display in the device and the impact it had on the market.

    Barco was presented with the Technology and New Product Award from the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society at a gala luncheon at Paramount Pictures.

    Society Awards chairman Buzz Hays, studio chief of the True Image Company, said: "We were amazed at the range of entries, from lasers to hologram technology. These are amazing technologies that will be captivating movie fans and TV audiences in the next few years."

    President of the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society Jim Chabin added that 19 companies were honoured at the awards ceremony in total and they came from 10 countries including the US, China, Japan, England, Wales, France, Belgium, Germany and Canada.

    Barco's 4K laser-illuminated projector has helped to take cinema to the next level and the company has succeeded in its goal in pushing the industry forward with its technology.

    The company also recently revealed the launch of the RLM-W14, which is a three-chip DLP projector providing users with Active Stereo 3D and a WUXGA (1,920x1,200) resolution.

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  4. Barco announces new 14k lumens projector

    A new 14,000 lumens projector has been revealed by Barco, with the manufacturer announcing it will be available to buy from next month.

    The RLM-W14 uses a three-chip DLP projector and offers Active Stereo 3D as well as a resolution of 1,920x1,200.

    Richard Marples, strategic market director of venues and hospitality at Barco, explained that the new projector has been designed by the firm to meet increasing demand for brighter projectors in a compact and cost-effective form factor.

    He said: "Featuring a fresh projector design with an improved lens mount, the RLM-W14 also offers Active Stereo 3D, extended warping and blending, and comes with video over a single Cat 5 cable functionalities (HDBaseT) as standard."

    Mr Marples added that the high brightness featured by the RLM-W14 is achieved as a result of its twin 465W NSH lamps.

    Barco stated that the new projector will be ideal for use in medical training and education applications due to its inclusion of a Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine simulated mode.

    "It's perfectly suited for fixed installation in museums, theatres, houses of worship, hotels, lecture halls, or conference auditoriums, as well as for the rental market," said Mr Marples.

    The revealing of the new RLM-W14 projector comes shortly after Barco announced it has become a founding member of the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society.

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  5. DisplayMapper shows off projection-mapped display unit at London launch

    DisplayMapper has held a launch event in London for its new projection-mapped display unit, which the company claims is "future-proof".

    MirrorBox is a 3D projection-mapped display unit that is aimed at the retail market and DisplayMapper - part of Projection Artworks - has been showing off the technology at a launch event in Farringdon in the last week.

    Through the technology, 3D projection mapping is beamed on to physical products. The company states that this works even in a daylight-visible environment.

    DisplayMapper's managing director Tom Burch stated that Mirrorbox is "a hugely cost effective and easily deployable way of installing and controlling projection mapping systems in store", reports InAVate.

    Retail users will be able to set up Mirrorbox to display everything from their existing video content and social channels to radio-frequency identification systems and gender-recognition technology, DisplayMapper says. The display unit can also be used for barcode scanning and Beacons, which are widely being touted as the next big thing for the retail industry.

    Mr Burch said: "Content is created by the same agencies that typically produce the content via the equivalent of a [content management system] - DisplayMapper then turns this content into a 3D video mapping experience in store, across hundreds of locations simultaneously."

    DisplayMapper boasts that the sky is the limit for the 3D projection mapped display unit, claiming "virtually any content can be transformed into an amazing 3D projected experience".

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  6. London hotel installs digital cinema projector

    A London hotel has unveiled its new 188-seat theatre, featuring a top-of-the-range 4K digital cinema projector from Barco.

    The company's DP4K-32Bx digital cinema projector has been fitted at the brand-new Ham Yard Hotel in London, which opened in June.

    Guests will now be able to enjoy a superb home cinema experience during their stay at the Ham Yard Hotel, which is the third Firmdale Hotels location in the capital to have a Barco set-up installed. Firmdale also runs The Soho Hotel, Covent Garden Hotel, Charlotte Street Hotel and Haymarket Hotel in London’s West End.

    Tim and Kit Kemp, owners of Firmdale Hotels, believe hotels ought to be "living things, not stuffy institutions", which is why the boutique locations have such fine facilities. Ham Yard Hotel boasts a 1950s four-lane bowling alley, a spa, a gym and a library. It was built around a tree-filled garden featuring a bronze sculpture centrepiece by British visual artist Tony Cragg.

    Mark Leahy, Barco sales manager for digital cinema, said: "Firmdale Hotels holds itself to a very high standard of excellence and we're proud that our digital cinema solutions fit the bill. We're happy to contribute to the unique experience that the group creates."

    Ham Yard Hotel intends to use the crisp 4K digital cinema projector to display everything from movies to alternative content such as concerts.

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  7. Barco introduces new native 4k projector

    Global projector leader Barco has expanded its projector range with the launch of a new three-chip DLP projector capable of displaying native 4k content.

    Providing users with a brightness level of 35,000 lumens, the HDQ-4K35 offers 4k projections at 60 Hz frame rates, delivering sharp and detailed images that are perfect for live events.

    Featuring a unique integrated design and an internal power supply, the HDQ-4K35 is ideal for combining with the company's 4k screen management system to provide the first native 4k projector blending in the industry.

    According to Bill Morris, vice president of venues & hospitality at Barco, the new projector is another ground-breaking addition to an industry-leading line of high quality projection devices. He said: “Barco has been the industry leader in high-brightness and high-resolution projection technology for decades and with the introduction of the HDQ-4K35 projector we continue to raise the bar for image quality."

    The HDQ-4K35 device is ideal for use in rental and staging applications, boasting a unique integrated design and a rugged metal chassis that will enable it to withstand continuous shipping. As well as this, the projector benefits from a modular design, making it easy to install and service.

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  8. Barco unveils latest 4K Laser Projector

    Visualisation solutions producer Barco has showcased its first commercially available 6P laser-illuminated projector at the CinemaCon 2014 trade show in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

    The device – which comprises the firm's unique Laser3D technology – is aimed at home cinema enthusiasts keen to ensure superior image quality.

    The new projector is the most compact 60,000-lumen projector available and also lays claim to being the first DCI-compliant laser projector that can show 4K content at 60 fps and 3D movies in full 4K resolution.

    Todd Hoddick, VP of digital cinema at Barco, said: “We were the first to demo a high-brightness laser projector in January 2011...since then, we have been pushing the envelope to perfect our laser projection technology and build a fully integrated solution.

    “As image quality remains a key differentiator for the cinema experience, this is at the top of our priority list when developing new technologies. Our laser projector is the most compact 60,000-lumen projector on the market and will set a new standard for image quality in the cinema industry”, added Mr Hoddick.

    The projector offers double 3D brightness in Color3D, while also lowering energy levels by 40 per cent, perfect for home cinema users who want a simple to use yet effective projector.

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  9. Barco unveils world's most compact 120Hz WQXGA projector

    Visualisation solutions producer Barco has unveiled the new F50 projector, the world's first compact 120Hz WQXGA projector.

    The single-chip DLP F50 has been designed specifically for the Training and Simulation market, and as such is optimised for motion platform systems.

    Featuring 2560x1600 resolution through WQXGA and high 120HZ frame rates, the F50 is designed to meet the high standards required for training and professional use.

    While creating the F50, Barco has focused on the delivery of sharp and high quality images. Complete with smear reduction technology, 3D Active Stereo and the highest fill-factor possible, this single-chip projector ensures high quality optical performance while providing multi-channel projection.

    The F50 is designed for use on motion platform installations, including compact domes and cockpit simulators, and comes equipped with advanced optical locking systems to ensure stability.

    The DLP technology harnessed within the F50 also reduces the cost of ownership thanks to its reliability and the extended maintenance intervals made possible by the use of sealed optics as well as a filter-free design.

    Kristian Kolstad, Director of Product Management at Barco, said: "With the F50, Barco further builds on its excellence in professional projection."

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  10. Barco buys majority share in projectiondesign

    Large-scale projector manufacturer Barco has bought a 61 per cent majority share of Norwegian high-end projector brand, projectiondesign.

    Barco bought its share in the company from private equity fund, Herkules Capital, and hopes that the purchase will allow it to create a wide-reaching product set – all the way from mid-segment installation space projectors up to the advanced visualisation and 3D-simulation sectors.

    The president and chief executive of Barco, Eric van Zele, said that the purchase was a clear indication of their “determination to pursue global growth in all mid-segment markets”, having until now specialised largely in the professional, large-scale cinema sector.

    He explained, “With projectiondesign we will expand our portfolio to offer state-of-the-art solutions for the simulation, virtual reality and corporate AV markets as we continue to leverage our global sizes coverage and our channels in Asia and Latin America in particular.”

    Speaking to industry publication, InAVate, he added that projectiondesign was an excellent fit with their “strategic objectives”.

    He said, “[Customers of projectiondesign] will find in the combined forces of Barco and projectiondesign a more capable partner, a partner than can fill the whole range of the mid-segment up to the brightest projector on the planet.”

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