Barco unveils world's most compact 120Hz WQXGA projector

Visualisation solutions producer Barco has unveiled the new F50 projector, the world's first compact 120Hz WQXGA projector.

The single-chip DLP F50 has been designed specifically for the Training and Simulation market, and as such is optimised for motion platform systems.

Featuring 2560×1600 resolution through WQXGA and high 120HZ frame rates, the F50 is designed to meet the high standards required for training and professional use.

While creating the F50, Barco has focused on the delivery of sharp and high quality images. Complete with smear reduction technology, 3D Active Stereo and the highest fill-factor possible, this single-chip projector ensures high quality optical performance while providing multi-channel projection.

The F50 is designed for use on motion platform installations, including compact domes and cockpit simulators, and comes equipped with advanced optical locking systems to ensure stability.

The DLP technology harnessed within the F50 also reduces the cost of ownership thanks to its reliability and the extended maintenance intervals made possible by the use of sealed optics as well as a filter-free design.

Kristian Kolstad, Director of Product Management at Barco, said: "With the F50, Barco further builds on its excellence in professional projection."

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