Barco unveils latest 4K Laser Projector

Visualisation solutions producer Barco has showcased its first commercially available 6P laser-illuminated projector at the CinemaCon 2014 trade show in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

The device – which comprises the firm's unique Laser3D technology – is aimed at home cinema enthusiasts keen to ensure superior image quality.

The new projector is the most compact 60,000-lumen projector available and also lays claim to being the first DCI-compliant laser projector that can show 4K content at 60 fps and 3D movies in full 4K resolution.

Todd Hoddick, VP of digital cinema at Barco, said: “We were the first to demo a high-brightness laser projector in January 2011…since then, we have been pushing the envelope to perfect our laser projection technology and build a fully integrated solution.

“As image quality remains a key differentiator for the cinema experience, this is at the top of our priority list when developing new technologies. Our laser projector is the most compact 60,000-lumen projector on the market and will set a new standard for image quality in the cinema industry”, added Mr Hoddick.

The projector offers double 3D brightness in Color3D, while also lowering energy levels by 40 per cent, perfect for home cinema users who want a simple to use yet effective projector.

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