Projector manufacturer Barco has unveiled its smallest ever projector: the DP2K-6E.

The latest creation to come from one of the world's leaders in digital cinema projection is said to boast the same quality, reliability and power but in a much smaller case. Due for commercial release by October 2015, the projector is suitable for screens up to 7.5 meters (24 feet) wide.

Not only is the DP2K-6E super compact but it also claims to be the quietest projector available on the market - it is purportedly twice as quiet as any other model available. It can be easily mounted onto a wall or ceiling and is also said to be very simple to maintain as the two UHP lamps can be replaced without any fuss.

Stijn Henderickx, vice president of digital cinema at Barco, said: “The newest E-series projector brings the acclaimed Barco image quality to the smallest theatres in the industry.

“We offer the most complete range of DCI-compliant digital cinema projectors available, providing our customers with a perfect match for every cinema screen – from the smallest to the most high-end cinemas. That’s one of the reasons Barco is market share leader in cinema, with over 50,000 digital cinema projectors installed in the field.”

The projector was unveiled at CineEurope 2015, which is running from 22 to 25 June in Barcelona, Spain.