Barco projectors create 360 degree FanDome experience
World leading projector brand Barco has created stunning visual effects inside a fully immersive FanDome experience created by Hyundai Motor UK and The Brooklyn Brothers exclusively for the Euro 2016 tournament.

Based in Kings Cross in London, the Football Heaven FanDome presented visitors with a 360 degree audio visual experience inside a 20 x 40 metre dome structure. Delivered through 14 three-chip DLP F85 projectors supplied by Barco, the experience surrounded fans with all the action throughout the tournament via live game feeds and projected special effects displays.

Live throughout the five weeks of the Euro 2016 competition, the FanDome hosted a grand total of 45,000 guests across 45 games, with the projected content reacting in real time to the live matches, from goals scored to national anthems.

Delivered by Holovis, the dome featured a total resolution of over 20K, alongside the Barco projectors' 15,000:1 contrast ratio. A total of 11,000 lumens of brightness offered by Barco's DLP projectors were also manipulated to create 15 different timelines of content, including four colour changing, two scoring, three scenic 'flats' and one animated flag.

For each match, the FanDome dedicated a team of five technical experts delivering the live reactive audio-visual displays, which were also capable of stimulating LED wristbands during key matches based on which team the fans were supporting.

According to organisers, the experience was capable of creating infinite creative configurations, ensuring every moment was different, and each element could be altered in the three-dimensional space both live and ahead of the games.

Alongside the state-of-the-art projection, the experience also delivered other immersive elements, including the smell of cut grass, which was dispersed throughout the dome to deliver the ultimate Football Heaven experience.