Barco projector wins Lumiere award

Barco has scooped a Lumiere award for its 4K laser-illuminated projector.

The manufacturer was picked out for the prize as a result of the innovation on display in the device and the impact it had on the market.

Barco was presented with the Technology and New Product Award from the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society at a gala luncheon at Paramount Pictures.

Society Awards chairman Buzz Hays, studio chief of the True Image Company, said: "We were amazed at the range of entries, from lasers to hologram technology. These are amazing technologies that will be captivating movie fans and TV audiences in the next few years."

President of the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society Jim Chabin added that 19 companies were honoured at the awards ceremony in total and they came from 10 countries including the US, China, Japan, England, Wales, France, Belgium, Germany and Canada.

Barco's 4K laser-illuminated projector has helped to take cinema to the next level and the company has succeeded in its goal in pushing the industry forward with its technology.

The company also recently revealed the launch of the RLM-W14, which is a three-chip DLP projector providing users with Active Stereo 3D and a WUXGA (1,920×1,200) resolution.

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