Global projector firm Barco has announced it is adding two flagship high-contrast laser projectors and five laser phosphor projectors to its laser-illuminated cinema projector portfolio.

According to the industry leader, the new collection of devices aims to provide a selection of projectors capable of delivering the latest in projector technology to a wide range of screen sizes, ranging from small cinema screens to premium theatre screens.

Among those suitable for small and large cinema screens are both 2K and 4K laser phosphor devices, which offer the benefits of reduced total cost of ownership and superior image quality compared to similar offerings on the market.

Alternatively, the high-contrast 6P RGB laser cinema projectors are designed specifically for premium cinema screens, and provide exceptional image quality on both white and silver screens.

Barco's premium cinema projectors also offer high contrast ratios of up to 6,000:1, which works out as twice the contrast of the brand's current flagship laser projector range, as well as brightness levels of up to 36,000 lumens.

Additionally, Barco has suggested simplified operations and reduced expenses make these devices the ideal choice for exhibitors who wish to deliver an engaging movie experience without the associated high costs.

According to Stijn Henderickx, Vice President of Cinema at Barco, the company developed their new range with the goal of to providing the benefits of laser projection technology to cinema screens of every size. “Exhibitors are continuously looking for ways to improve the movie experience while optimising their cinema operations to minimise costs,” he said. "This enables every exhibitor to tap into laser projection—irrespective of screen size, theatre size, or budget.”

Mr Henderickx added: "From the ultra-bright, high-contrast 6P RGB flagship laser projectors to our cost-effective laser phosphor projectors, we provide the widest range of DCI-compliant laser-illuminated cinema projectors in the industry."