Barco Launches New ClickShare Enterprise Product

Barco has announced the release of a new enterprise product that’s part of the popular ClickShare range.

The CSE-800 device joins an already impressive portfolio of existing ClickShare products, which are designed facilitate collaboration in meetings quickly and seamlessly.

Powered through a USB-powered button, ClickShare helps to connect users’ devices with the main screen in a meeting room in a matter of seconds. Compatible with any device, ClickShare has been designed to work without requiring software or training, so attendees can become integrated into any meeting without fuss.

The latest addition to the ClickShare portfolio, the CSE-800 builds on the technology to deliver a range of additional features and specifications designed to benefit the enterprise user.

Included with the new device are four ClickShare buttons, which allows 4 users to share a screen simultaneously, straight out of the box. The CSE-800 supports up to 64 users with additional ClickShare buttons or by using the ClickShare iOS or Android apps or the in-built Airplay connectivity.

The new product also introduces whiteboarding and annotation capabilities. Combined, these features make it possible to create fully collaborative meeting room environments, no matter what size the group.

The CSE-800 has two HDMI outputs, each capable of handling up to 4K UHD resolution images. This gives the ability to attach two 4K UHD displays to a single base unit - with each user getting the use of Full HD resolution to share their content.

Additionally, the new CSE-800 can be connected to the newly updated ClickShare app to enable easy participation with a collaborative meeting using a phone or tablet. With the app installed on their device, users have the option to share documents, pictures and a live camera view with the meeting room display in an instant, while Android users benefit from full mirroring capabilities.

The new CSE-800 has now been launched across the UK and is already available on the ProjectorPoint website alongside other devices in the portfolio.