Barco launches 18,000 lumens laser phosphor projector
Barco has expanded its range of laser-illuminated cinema projectors with the launch of a new series of laser phosphor projectors, the DP2K-20CLP and DP2K-15CLP.

According to Barco, the two new models will provide cinema and film exhibitors with the capability to offer audiences superior image quality at a lower cost, while still achieving simplicity.

As part of the launch, Barco has also announced that it has become the first manufacturer to introduce an 18,000-lumen laser phosphor projector for cinemas, which offers a brightness three times as intense as any other laser phosphor projectors currently available.

Compared to lamp-based projectors, Barco argues that laser projectors offer significant costs savings through more efficient cooling systems, which enable projectors to achieve an operating life of 30,000 hours at 50 per cent light output, resulting in reductions in electricity usage of up to 50 per cent.

In a statement, VP cinema at Barco Stijn Henderickx stated that the company's expanding portfolio of laser projectors will make it easier for exhibitors to harness the benefits of laser-illuminated projectors, regardless of screen size, theatre size or budget.

A lower cost alternative to Barco's premium 6P flagship laser range, the new laser phosphor range is a middle-budget option for exhibitors hoping to significantly reduce costs while providing their audiences with superior image quality, according to Mr Hendrickx.

“Now is the time to switch to laser. By selecting laser projection, exhibitors invest in the future," said Wim Buyens, senior VP of Barco’s entertainment division. "Following the digital cinema conversion, we’re proud to spearhead the transition from lamp-based to laser-illuminated projection by offering the widest range of laser-illuminated projectors in the industry.”

Barco laser phosphor projectors can be retrofitted to allow cinema owners to replace the lamp house of existing Barco DP2K-15C and DP2K-20C projectors with a laser phosphor module.