Barco forms strategic partnership to provide flagship projectors for cinemas
Barco has formed a strategic partnership with global movie exhibition company National Amusements Inc. (NA). As a result of this partnership, Barco will be installed in all premium large format Showcase XPlus auditoriums.

The cinemas targeted first will be in the states of Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. In the future, all XPlus auditoriums will feature Barco’s Flagship Laser projector.

By using Barco’s Flagship Laser projector, the DP4K-60L, costs are reduced and the need for maintenance is removed. They also consume up to 40 per cent less power than other xenon projectors, while still maintaining the same brightness.

The projectors also offer a far superior image quality, and, with its high brightness level of 56,000 lumens, this promotes producing vivid colours. Both 2D and 3D images are shown in laser-sharp clarity with uniform colours. In terms of 4K streaming, it can display content at 60 frames per second (FPS). In addition, the projector comes with a number of connections including HDMI inputs and DCI output.

In a statement Duncan Short, NA’s senior VP of US and international operations, said: “We always have our eye on the latest and greatest technologies in cinema and work to be first in the market to deliver the most excellent and unique experiences to our patrons.

“National Amusements is proud to partner with Barco in this new launch. Barco is a dedicated partner who has mastered the laser projection technology.”

Stijn Henderickx, Barco’s VP for cinema, said: “We are honoured to grow our relationship with an exhibitor as prestigious and well-respected as National Amusements.

“Together we will take National Amusements’ XPlus immersive cinema concept to the next level.”