A selection of Barco FLM HD projectors and a set painted white to act as a projection screen are two of the features of the live tour chart-topper Taylor Swift was determined to transform into a "multi-dimensional theatrical display".

The 19-year-old told the production designers behind her "Fearless" extravaganza that audiences should be treated to a graphic-filled visual feast, leading the team to start with a 60 ft x 20 ft LED-powered video wall consisting of 56 separate LED video panels. They then created flying screens and risers near the stage to act as projection screens.

Painting the Fearless set white meant every aspect of it could act as a projection screen and the Barco FLM HD projectors could project their images onto everything.

Jonathan Smeeton, who has previously worked with Marilyn Manson and Yoko Ono, confirms that every piece of the set was manufactured in white to maximise the impact of the images projected from the Barco FLM HD projectors: "Our idea was to paint the stage by multiple points of projection with masking and pixel mapping - the real trick was giving the stage depth and always making it three layers."