Large-scale projector manufacturer Barco has bought a 61 per cent majority share of Norwegian high-end projector brand, projectiondesign.

Barco bought its share in the company from private equity fund, Herkules Capital, and hopes that the purchase will allow it to create a wide-reaching product set – all the way from mid-segment installation space projectors up to the advanced visualisation and 3D-simulation sectors.

The president and chief executive of Barco, Eric van Zele, said that the purchase was a clear indication of their “determination to pursue global growth in all mid-segment markets”, having until now specialised largely in the professional, large-scale cinema sector.

He explained, “With projectiondesign we will expand our portfolio to offer state-of-the-art solutions for the simulation, virtual reality and corporate AV markets as we continue to leverage our global sizes coverage and our channels in Asia and Latin America in particular.”

Speaking to industry publication, InAVate, he added that projectiondesign was an excellent fit with their “strategic objectives”.

He said, “[Customers of projectiondesign] will find in the combined forces of Barco and projectiondesign a more capable partner, a partner than can fill the whole range of the mid-segment up to the brightest projector on the planet.”