A new 14,000 lumens projector has been revealed by Barco, with the manufacturer announcing it will be available to buy from next month.

The RLM-W14 uses a three-chip DLP projector and offers Active Stereo 3D as well as a resolution of 1,920x1,200.

Richard Marples, strategic market director of venues and hospitality at Barco, explained that the new projector has been designed by the firm to meet increasing demand for brighter projectors in a compact and cost-effective form factor.

He said: "Featuring a fresh projector design with an improved lens mount, the RLM-W14 also offers Active Stereo 3D, extended warping and blending, and comes with video over a single Cat 5 cable functionalities (HDBaseT) as standard."

Mr Marples added that the high brightness featured by the RLM-W14 is achieved as a result of its twin 465W NSH lamps.

Barco stated that the new projector will be ideal for use in medical training and education applications due to its inclusion of a Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine simulated mode.

"It's perfectly suited for fixed installation in museums, theatres, houses of worship, hotels, lecture halls, or conference auditoriums, as well as for the rental market," said Mr Marples.

The revealing of the new RLM-W14 projector comes shortly after Barco announced it has become a founding member of the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society.