Barco has announced the launch of what it claims are the quietest laser phosphor projectors available on the market.

The 1-chip DLP projectors, which are available in two models – with WXGA or WUXGA resolution – produce less than 35 decibels of noise according to the manufacturer.

Barco also stated that the laser phosphor light source used on the new projectors offers a 20,000-hour lifetime, which also takes away the burden of regular maintenance.

Wim Buyens, senior vice-president of entertainment and corporate at Barco, explained his company is already the technology leader in the field of laser illumination and is now expanding its leadership in the Corporate AV market.

The new 1-chip DLP projectors will be targeted at the meeting rooms market and Mr Buyens stated that the technology included in the products is "amazing".

He said: "For many years, we've been investing heavily in this revolutionary technology – that's why we were also the first to revolutionise the cinema market.

"Our 4K laser cinema projector is the most compact, high-brightness laser projector available – and, because it's the best on the block, IMAX selected our technology for its prestigious theatres."

The Present-P laser projectors are cheaper to run than many other options on the market as their laser phosphor light source uses less power than competitors, while Barco noted that they also eliminate the need for expensive lamp and filter replacements.

Romeo Baertsoen, vice-president of strategic marketing of corporate AV at Barco, stated that the addition of the Present-P laser projectors to its product range means the firm's product offering for the corporate AV market is now "solid as a rock".