Projector manufacturer Barco has announced it has signed a distribution deal with an Indian company that should further the spread of its products across the country.

The agreement with Mumbai-based Green Sources means that the firm will now become the national distributor of Barco's audio-visual (AV) products in India.

Swadesh Khetawat, director at Green Sources, described Barco as a global technology company that is a "perfect match" for a distribution deal with his firm.

He said: "Together with Barco, we are confident that we will be able to meet the growing needs of the Indian AV industry.

"Currently, we see a vacuum for high-quality projectors with local service support, offered at the right price. Teaming up with Barco, we now have what it takes to fill this gap and create happier customers."

Mr Khetawat added that there is already a lot of enthusiasm for Barco's projectors and other products across India and the new deal should result in that excitement increasing even further.

Mandar Gupte, sales director in the E&C division at Barco India, revealed that the distribution deal means Green Sources will be given the chance to debut Barco's latest innovations in the country.

He added: "We’re proud to offer the Present series which covers a wide brightness spectrum from 3,000 lumens up to 10,000 lumens and resolutions like WXGA, WUXGA and including 2560 x 1080 and 2560 x 1600 native to provide customers with the largest choice to find the perfect match for their high-end boardroom, meeting room or conference room, collaboration suite or even a lobby or museum."