Barco announces 4K DLP laser phosphor projectors Barco announces 4K DLP laser phosphor projectors

Projector manufacturer Barco has launched a brand new F90 series of 4K DLP laser phosphor projectors for the pro AV and events market.

Following a preview at ISE 2016, the Barco F90 series is set to launch across Europe and the rest of the world with two new models, including the WUXGA F90-W13 and the 4K UHD F90-4K13.

According to Barco, the new models have been designed for installation within corporate and commercial settings, including boardrooms, auditoriums, visitor attractions and large venue concerts. In fact, Barco has announced that the projectors offer quality images that are even suitable for use in theme park dark rides.

Offering up to 13,000 lumens of brightness, the brand new Barco devices have been created using solid-state laser-phosphor light sources, combined with an advanced design that uses cooling technology to extend operation time to up to 40,000 hours.

Virtually maintenance-free, the two new laser projectors remove the need for lamp changes, reducing overall costs for users while still delivering an impressive image quality of up to eight million pixels.

In order to create images capable of being used in commercial environments, the two new laser phosphor projectors are also equipped with a number of high resolution lenses from ultra-short throw range up to long throw range, each of which provides a wide lens shift range. This flexibility enables users to adapt to almost any projector configuration and create an impressive display that any venue manager would be proud of.

Carl Rijsbrack, VP Events at Barco, said: “By expanding our projector fleet with a 4K, laser phosphor unit, we’ve also made a significant move in the 13,000-lumen projector segment for the rental and staging and corporate events industries.

“Excelling in image quality and flexibility, rental customers can now choose for the future – reaping the business benefits for many years to come.”