The rise of home cinemas and projector systems has largely been put down to their dropping prices and increasing affordability. Manufacturer SIM2 – a long-term leader of the elite end of the market – has just launched a new model to cater for people for whom money really isn't an issue.

The C3X LUMIS 3D is now widely thought to be sitting on the very top of the pile in the projector world, with a host of capabilities that combine to give as close to perfect viewing as you are going to get. And so it should, for anyone with one of these models sitting in their home has forked out as much as $80,000 for the spectacular import.

So what goes into justifying paying the price of a luxury car for a projector? Operating with DLP technology, the C3X LUMIS 3D comes complete with 3X Dark Chip 4, Hyper-Color, and dual-projector 3D in the LUMIS 3D, which is all the technical talk needed to say that it makes the most realistic colour and image reproduction possible.

While its predecessor, the C3X LUMIS UNO is available on these shores for around £20,000, is more spectacular successor remains the privilege of the American market. The LUMIS 3D is being targeted at small professional theaters as well as high-end custom home cinemas.