An engineer from Sony responsible for a pioneering new piece of laser technology that could revolutionise the brand’s future projectors has been given one of the highest awards in the laser technology industry.

Osamu Kumagai has won the 2012 Berthold Leibinger Zukunftspreis which recognises research that has led to key developments in laser technology. Kumagai’s achievements in the mass production of laser diodes saw him given the prize, which have proven integral to the development of many different consumer electronics devices, including Blu-ray players and recorders and Playstations.

While much of his research has so far been in blue and red laser diodes, Sony is now looking to focus in on its work on green laser diodes, the most problematic wavelength in the visible range.

The recent breakthrough made by Kumagai and his colleagues on a 100 mW GaN-based emitter operating at 530 nm is likely to be included in next-generation handheld projectors such as those being developed by US-based MicroVision. Kumagai won a prize of €30,000, for the prestigious award, which is only handed out every two years by the not-for-profit Berthold Leibinger Stiftung organisation, which is based in Stuttgart, Germany.