Award winning Christie projectors used at Co-op event
A number of award-winning Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors were used at the recent AGM of The Co-operative in Manchester. The display was 180 feet in width and 26 feet high and was used to show high definition images and video.

The event was held at the MCR Central in Manchester. An old train station, it has a ceiling arch of 88 feet and is 199 feet wide. The company contracted to set up the projectors, AtoV, had 24 hours to complete the installation and the projectors needed to be able to image blend and warp. It also had to have a long throw of around 180 feet. With the Boxers, these fitted the brief perfectly, with eight Boxers were used to cover the screen which produced 240,000 lumens.

The 2016 Co-operative AGM was essential as it was relaunching Co-op’s brand identity. This included a revamp of its logo. This also included a new slogan “Back to being Co-op.” The event hosts 700 members and, due to the close relationship between Co-Op and AtoV, they were contracted to put on a display for the AGM.

Jim Hadfield, engineer at AtoV, said of the event: “With 700 people attending both the AGM and brand relaunch, the 2016 event was a big step up. The brief was to create a high impact event that could function as a traditional AGM, and all that entails, while also catering for the brand relaunch and its requirement for spectacular visuals – without the need for any time-consuming set change.

“Furthermore, we only had a twenty-four-hour build up period, and taking everything into account, quickly realized that Christie Boxer had everything we needed – lightweight, high-performance in all the right areas, as well as the reliability you need with a high profile event. It was a high-pressure project but it was worth it – and with the help of Boxer, the results were spectacular,” he said.