Three new of projectiondesign’s FL35 wqxga LED DLP projectors have been incorporated into the new generation of civil aviation full task trainers at leading training company, L-3 Link Simulation & Training UK.

The projectors are integral to the RealitySeven generation of trainers, with the latest addition to the company’s facilities being a training set-up for a Boeing 777.

The company was looking for the most cost effective visual system they could find, but also needed it to offer as high a pixel count as possible and comply with the stringent full flight Level D requirements.

The integration of the visual systems was carried out by RSI-Visual Systems. The company’s director of European operations, Ralph Baker, lauded the performance of the FL35 models.

He explained, “In our experience we have FL35 projectors operating continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and after the initial calibration we’ve found after 9 months no depreciable drop in resolution, convergence or intensity light output.”

He said the fact that the projectors have LED technology means that bulbs do not have to be changed every 1,000 hours and very little maintenance is required.

“From the pilot training point of view, the pilots receive the same quality image on day one as they would see 9 months later,” he added. "Therefore when pilots are doing current or conversion training they will see the same visual quality at all times. This has very big benefits of pilot training quality.”