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  1. New projector launched for classrooms

    A new projector designed to be used in classrooms in India has been revealed.

    The Bright Orange Box is a battery-powered device with a touchscreen that is pre-loaded with an Android operating system.

    LumenEd, which is a social venture creating global dialogues between classrooms, has set up a Kickstarter crowdfunding project in a bid to get the device into production.

    Prakash Paudel, chief executive of LumenEd, stated that one of the aims of the Bright Orange Box device is to allow American children to communicate with students in India.

    He said: "In an increasingly

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  2. LG reveals new Minibeam Projectors

    LG has announced it is releasing two new Minibeam Projectors to add to its range of portable audio-visual devices.

    The Minibeam Pro (Model PF1500) is being pitched by the company as the perfect portable home theatre solution, while the manufacturer says that the smaller Minibeam TV (Model PW800) will be used as an on-the-go TV solution.

    In-kyu Lee, senior vice-president and head of the TV and Monitor Division at LG Electronics' Home Entertainment Company, said: "As the world's top manufacturer of LED projectors, we will continue to deliver innovative ideas for those

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  3. Lenovo unveils new pocket projector

    A new pocket projector has been announced by computer company Lenovo.

    The firm revealed the product at this week's Mobile World Congress event, which is taking place in Barcelona, Spain.

    It was confirmed by the company that the Lenovo Pocket Projector takes just a few seconds to set up, making it one of the most accessible products in the sector.

    Connectivity has been placed at the heart of the Lenovo Pocket Projector, which the firm noted is able to project content from a smartphone wirelessly via DLNA or Miracast.

    Battery life is another strength of the Lenovo

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  4. Acer celebrates iF Design Award 2015 of Germany win

    Projector manufacturer Acer is celebrating after one of its audio-visual products won the iF Design Award 2015 of Germany.

    Acer's C205 LED projector was picked out as the winner ahead of 5,000 entries from 53 countries.

    The pocket projector is extremely lightweight but still boasts an array of top features including wireless projection capabilities.

    Acer, which was the world's number three brand for projectors worldwide in 2014, explained that the C205 LED projector is "ideal for people who want to be able to project on the move".

    The judges of

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  5. Kickstarter launched for innovative smart projector

    A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is underway for an innovative new smart projector that works by being screwed into a light source.

    Beam claims to be able to turn any flat surface into a big screen and a patent is pending for the technology included in the product.

    The firm behind Beam is hoping to raise $200,000 (£130,000) and with 34 days to go until the end of the fundraising period around 25 per cent of that money has already been pledged.

    Beam is controlled via a smartphone app that is available on both iOS and Android. Users are able to pre-programme the device

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  6. Laser 'cinema TV' projector launched by Hisense

    Hisense has announced its latest offering, the VIDAA Max 100-inch Laser Cinema TV, which promises to ensure a home cinema experience at a reasonable price.

    The VIDAA Max is a short throw laser projector which is able to beam an image measuring 100-inches from a distance of just two feet. The device makes use of a blue laser diode light source, which is capable of provide over 25,000 hours of viewing for users with no decrease in brightness or colour volumes.

    The new Hisense device does not need its own dedicated display in order to work, meaning that it offers a simple, portable

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  7. Chromecast incorporating projector unveiled by Acer

    Technology brand Acer has announced the world’s first projector with a hidden internal Chromecast wireless dongle support, marking the first of the firm's new 2015 offerings.

    The dedicated adaptor within the Acer H7550ST allows users to connect their Chromecast dongles, enabling simple, fast content sharing as well as the potential to stream audio to Bluetooth speakers.

    The device also boasts 1080p Full HD visual capabilities, 3,000 lumens of brightness and 20W stereo audio.

    Melanie Tarpey, director of Acer’s Peripheral Business, said: "Our newest

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  8. Acer releases new gaming projector and range of 4K monitors

    Technology brand Acer has released its latest projector aimed at gamers, the C205 LED Pocket Projector, at a showcase event held this week.

    Developed for casual gamers, the new device offers two hours power-cable-free projection, high fidelity sound via 4W (2x2W) speakers and an LED lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.

    The C205 LED Pocket Projector also boasts an HDMI port, allowing gamers to connect the device up to their gaming console and share multimedia content using a smartphone or tablet.

    The projector is also very lightweight, weighing in at just 0.3kg and measures

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  9. Moving projector could offer wireless big screen entertainment

    Keeker, a new moving projector complete with surround sound, could soon be providing homeowners and corporate users with wireless big screen entertainment.

    The ‘robot’ – which also comprises sensors including mic and camera, meaning it can turn its hand to security functions – can travel around the house or outside on its self-driving robo-wheels.

    Furthermore, remote-controlled Keeker is capable of projecting a 1080p, 40-inch screen from two feet away. It also offers 360-degree sound with six 25W speakers, and boasts sensors for infared, ultrasound, light,

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  10. Christie to display new cinema projection technology

    Christie has announced it will be displaying its latest cinema projection technology at an upcoming exhibition in Brazil.

    The projector manufacturer will be exhibiting at the Centro de Convenções Frei Caneca in São Paulo, which is running on 10 and 11 November. Christie's presence will be at booth 22.

    Expocine 2014 is the first time the event has been held and it is described by the organisers as the first trade fair exclusively for Latin American’s exhibitors, distributors and suppliers of technologies, services and products for the exhibition market.

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