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  1. Christie signs AV deal with Spanish cinema multiplex

    Christie signs AV deal with Spanish cinema multiplex
    Leading projector company Christie has signed a deal with Odeon Multicines, a Spanish cinema chain, to install Christie Solaria projectors and Christie Vive Audio sound systems in a new complex in Madrid.

    Two of the 12 screens will be equipped with the 3DLP 4K RGB Christie Solaria CP421LH laser

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  2. Sound Bar Vs Surround Sound

    Sound bar or surround sound? What to choose for your home cinema audio system
    The choice between the use of a sound bar or a full surround sound installation isn't an easy one to make. But if you're looking at buying a projector for the visual requirements of your home cinema system, it's well worth giving some thought to your investment in a decent audio setup
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  3. Yamaha unveils new AV receiver

    Yamaha unveils new AV receiver Yamaha unveils new AV receiver

    Over the past year Yamaha has been creating a pretty spectacular wireless multiroom audio mix. First it brought us the MusicCast lineup, and now, with a new AV receiver its offering up one of the

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  4. Optoma plans to simplify installation with new projector

    Leading projector manufacturer Optoma promises to simplify complex AV installations with its latest model, the WXGA W515 ProScene.

    Engineered for professional installations, the 6,000 lumen high-specification projector has multiple digital connection options, making it both versatile and intuitive.

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  5. IMAX builds pop-up cinema for Mission Impossible

    Paramount Pictures teamed together with IMAX to transform the Vienna State Opera house into a cinema for the premiere of 'Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation' in July.

    The huge project involved fitting two IMAX digital projectors in the Emperor's box at the rear of the venue and building

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  6. Bowers & Wilkins launches new home cinema speakers

    Bowers & Wilkins has unveiled three additions to its range of custom installation speakers - each designed to help create the perfect home cinema.

    The new CCM Cinema 7 in-ceiling speaker and CWM Cinema 7 in-wall speaker benefit from Bowers & Wilkins core acoustic technologies, while the

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  7. ViewSonic reveals new projector lineup

    New projectors have been revealed as part of ViewSonic's product offering.

    The company has announced the details of three different projector models, each with a different market focus.

    All of the projectors are designed to work for home theatre and business users and are named PJD7825HD,

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  8. IMAX to introduce new laser projectors

    IMAX is set to introduce its first laser projectors into the UK this summer, along with a new 12-channel surround sound system.

    The Empire in Leicester Square, which boasts the widest screen in the UK, will be the first cinema to be fitted with the laser projectors, Pocket-lint reported.

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  9. Ricoh reveals new line of projectors

    Ricoh has announced a range of seven new projectors designed for business and education applications.

    The company has released new Desk Edge, Short Throw and Standard Install models offering a wide range of features and solutions.

    Matt Sakauchi, vice-president of the visual communications

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  10. Acer reveals new LED projector

    Acer has announced it is launching a new LED projector that features an intelligent ambient light sensor for cinema on the go.

    The company revealed the Acer K138ST, which is an ultra-portable short throw LED projector, as well as the Acer U5320W ultra-short throw projector and the full HD projector

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