The consumer electronics company, Asus, has lodged a new patent that could see projectors integrated into some of their future laptops.

The new patent for the technology was filed in 2011, but has only come to light this year. The company submitted two different potential designs for the technology, which would likely be of interest to travelling business people who could dispense with having to carry around a separate projector for their presentations.

The first design would see the projector incorporated into one of the hinges of the laptop lid. The design would need the projector to be opened and stood on its end, in a V-shape in order for an image to be thrown. The computer would feature ‘anti-skid’ edges to ensure its stability.

The other submitted design would see the projector contained in a fold out appendage, built into the side of the projector screen. This would not require the computer to be moved, but would also meant that the projector unit could not be as large.

The notes on the patent also stated that the projector could be a Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) affair, or a DLP module.