Apple patents curious new projector technology
Augmented reality and projectors. Just what is Apple up to with its latest patent?

The technology giant has just been granted the patent for a device which features two new key pieces of technology, reports from Patently Apple have confirmed.

First up, the new mystery device appears to have a camera that scans its environment, such as an office or a living room. It then works to build a digital model of that same space.

The technology would then work to detect which surfaces in that room it could project images onto and then use those options to alter what the user sees. It is thought that the device could be used to project content like film and ebooks, either opening up the potential for new content or perhaps easing the route to purchase of existing content by making it appear more physical.

Dubbed an 'adaptive projector', there is clearly further potential for this device beyond the obvious. The company notes in its patent that the projection device would be aware of objects in its field of view and a 3D element could be used to physically adapt the way in which the physical space was interpreted through the use of smart projections.

At this early stage the exact details of the new projector technology are far from clear as everyone simply works to try and understand what Apple might be thinking. But it is clear that the company is looking at some particularly exciting developments in the projection arena as they move to broaden their market.

This is the second projector-related patent that Apple has filed in 2015. Earlier this quarter the company filed the first patent relating to the same device. The focus of previous patents here has been on gaze control for a 3D interface and potential means of operation using glasses and a smartphone projector.

(Image: davidgsteadman)