After last summer’s murmurs of plans for an iPhone pico projector, rumours are ripe once more that Apple has plans to develop a projector system. This time the talk comes after a patent was uncovered detailing several different approaches to creating a projection system for the iPad, iPhone and Macbook product ranges.

The plans include the option of creating a brand new controller for a projection system as well as having a pico projector built in to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Macbook designs. The patent also reveals that the projector could be built in to a network hub.

The projector system would enhance the appeal of products like the iPhone and iPad to business users. Using iWork’s Keynote software, together with a powerful projector system, they would be able to easily share and present their work.

With the iPod Touch being targeted at the gaming market, a pico projector system would add further appeal for casual gamers. Similarly, a pico system enabling users to project films and TV shows on to any suitable surface would strengthen the iPad’s appeal as an on-the-go entertainment machine.

However, as is often the case with Apple, plans to not always come in to fruition.