A patent for a future projector system has been filed by computer giant Apple.

The patent suggests that one day projectors from separate devices could be beamed onto a shared workspace, through the 'projected display shared workspaces' application. The aim is to make it easier to share content and interact.

At the moment, portable devices typically have quite small screens. This makes it tricky to show data to more than one person. By allowing devices with projectors to link up together users have a large canvas to pass media and documents between each other. While the users are focused on the display, a server or close-range transfer method, such as Bluetooth, works to shift the actual data back and forth between the devices.

In other news, Apple has been linked to the domain name of Applepico.com. Macrumors discovered the connection earlier this month, suggesting that the company could be branching out to develop handheld pico projectors.

Other Apple patent applications have already suggested the integration of projectors into notebooks and mobile phones. Now that technology is catching up, for example with the creation of a tiny new lens from Alps Electric, the company could well be starting to realise its ideas.