Another dimension: Choosing the right 3D projector

Modern advancements in 3D technology have prompted a recent surge in the number of 3D films hitting cinema screens. Although televisions quickly followed suit, it was the introduction of state-of-the-art 3D projectors that really enabled film fans to bring this new dimension of entertainment home.

As Christmas fast approaches, ProjectorPoint have reviewed a selection of the best 3D home cinema projectors on offer.

BenQ W1070+

A staff pick from the lower end of the price spectrum, the BenQ W1070+ offers full 1080p HD images alongside its 3D technology, for a truly spectacular home cinema experience. Providing clear whites and blacks that stand out above any other projector in this price range, this impressive BenQ offering is a great entry into the world of 3D home cinema projection.

Epson EH-TW660

The Epson EW-TW660 is not much more expensive than its BenQ rival, but it provides a boost on the basic 3D technology that transforms the home cinema experience. The EH-TW660 provides the firm's coveted 3D RF system, which results in a smooth and jitter-free 3D experience. The projector also ships with a pair of Epson 3D RF glasses to ensure that users get the best from their new cinema system. A lens shift system that makes it easy to position in any living room is the icing on the cake for this impressive 3D frontrunner.


Sony's slightly higher budget offering is the VPL-HW40ES, which also provides flexibility for the home cinema user who is short of space or indecisive when it comes to the placing of their projector system. With 25 per cent Horizontal / 71 per cent Vertical lens shift and a large 1.6X optical zoom, this projector can be moved from home to home this Christmas without affecting the clarity of its immensely detailed 3D images. Superb black levels and an impressive greyscale that rivals competitors make this projector a top pick for this year's 3D blockbuster films.

Sony VPL-VW520ES

A step up from the previous Sony offering, the VPL-VW520ES is a higher budget option. The ProjectorPoint experts put this professional standard projector in a class of its own, providing true 4K resolution alongside unbeatable colours and even a 4K quality 3D experience that mirrors the real cinema experience. This flawless Sony offering is even HDR compatible, so users can enjoy a wider range of brightness levels for a range of content from major video service providers including Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Although these are some of the top staff picks, ProjectorPoint has a range of 3D home cinema projectors on offer that are sure to enhance any Christmas viewing experience. In fact, the ProjectorPoint demo room offers buyers the chance to see the differences close up, so you can choose a projector that's perfect for you.