Anyone looking to purchase the next big thing in the world of projectors should look towards the next small thing – pico projectors.

The Aiptek PocketCinema V20 is one of the sleeker, more stylish options for pico purchasers to get their hands on and it’s full of great features as well.

The gloss black design with chrome detail includes a slot for a flash memory card and also incorporates a USB port and a mini VGA socket, allowing for fantastic connectivity options. The device can be hooked up to a Mac and will provide image resolution as strong as 640x480.

The device also boasts 2GB of internal memory and a 0.5W speaker. Control is easy with a touch-sensitive panel, which offers controls in the form of a power button, menus and cursor options.

The menu options also pull up to reveal a graphical user interface, which enables gadget fans to find files stored in the device or on an attached computer or memory stick.

The maximum picture size is two metres, which isn’t bad at all for a mini projector, and brightness levels are also great.