Taiwanese consumer electronics firm, Aiptek, has launched a range of portable projectors that have been designed to fit specifically with Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

The new range of projectors includes a sleeve-type projector for iPhone 4 and 4S phones, a dongle-type projector for an iPad and projectors in the form of pads for Android phones.

The projectors have been tailored for the display of videos and images, allowing users to throw content from their tablets or smartphones in pictures as big as 60 inches.

Aiptek has teamed up with the semiconductor company, Texas Instruments, to include their pioneering DLP Pico chip into the projectors. The chip is the same as those used in large-scale cinema projectors, but has been scaled down for ultra-portable devices to just a tenth of the thickness of a human hair.

The Mobile Cinema I50S is the slot-in projector docking station for the Iphone 4 and 4S models. Once connected, videos are projected onto walls with 640x480 (VGA) pixel resolution and a brightness of 35 lumens. Due to its use of energy-saving RGB LEDs, Aiptek claims that the Mobile Cinema I50S can project for two hours one single charge.