An new affordable projector has been launched by NEC Display Solutions, designed for classrooms and small meetings.

The V300W is the latest addition to the manufacturer’s V Series of multimedia projectors, and provides a high level of brightness through its 3,000 lumens. This helps that projector to function well in bright rooms and with larger screen sizes.

Despite its good level of brightness, the device still offers up to 5,000 hours of projector lamp life when used in Eco Mode, keeping the long-term costs down for customers.

Rich McPherson, senior product manager for projectors at NEC, commented, “The V300W is the ideal solution for small-to-medium meeting rooms and classrooms that require high brightness at an affordable price.”

Meanwhile, users can benefit from a range of connection options, including an HDMI input, a monitor out and dual analogue RGB inputs. A variable audio out is also available for use with an external speaker.

On top of all this, the projector comes with3D capabilities, enabled by the latest DLP Link technology from Texas Instruments. According to the company, this will increase interactivity between students and teachers in education settings.