1. Acer launches large venue, high brightness projector

    Acer has launched a new large venue projector that has been specifically designed to provide the high brightness needed for use in auditoriums, large conference rooms and classrooms.

    The Acer P7203 provides brightness of 5,000 ANSI lumens, providing high picture clarity even when the rooms are not darkened. The projector has a native XGA (1,024 x 768) resolution, while also coming equipped with the Acer Color Boost II + technology with true 6-segment color wheel and BrilliantColor DLP DarkChip.

    That technology combines to offer the very highest standard in optimised colour performance, resulting in rich, vivid and brilliant colours.

    The P7203 has a 1.15x zoom lens that allows for invaluable flexibility with the placement of the device. The projector is also one of the quietest models of its calibre, generating just 29 decibels of noise while operating in economic mode, and only 34 decibels when in high brightness mode.

    The side-loading lamp design allows for trouble-free replacement of lamp bulbs, even when the projector is still in its ceiling mount. The projector has a remote desktop feature that means it can wirelessly connect with any wireless-enabled PC that has the Acer eProjection utility installed.

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  2. Figures show clear specialities in US projector market

    New sales figures on the North American projector market have shown that some of the leading manufacturers have clearly established themselves as leaders in certain categories.

    The figures from industry research organisation, Pacific Media Associates (PMA) have shown that, among high-end projectors – those that are capable of 4,000 lumens of brightness or more – Epson dominates the sector. Four of its projectors are in the top five selling high-end projectors – including its PL Pro G5450WU and PowerLite 1945W models. The only other manufacturer on the list was Hitachi, whose CP-WX4021N projector was the second most in demand after the G5450WU.

    In mainstream projectors – which generate between 1,000 to 3,999 lumens of brightness – InFocus projectors took three of the top five spots, but the brand had to cede the top spot to the Epson PowerLite 93+, while NEC’s NP-V260X rounded out the top 5.

    Among pico projectors – or ‘new era’ models, which produce less than 1,000 lumens of brightness – three of Optoma’s tiny projectors were among the top five most popular, with the PK-320, PK-201 and ML500 all seeing substantial demand. Similarly to InFocus in the mainstream category, however, it lost out on the top spot to another brand – Acer’s K11 projector – while the AAXA M2 was the fourth most popular model.

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  3. Acer launches hybrid laser-LED 1080p projector

    Acer has launched the world’s first 1080p projector that has a hybrid laser-LED light technology, in the form of the Acer K750.

    The projector improves colour saturation by 55 per cent, allowing for outstanding energy efficient projection. The use of the dual light sources not only means that the projector is free from hazardous substances, such as mercury, but it also improves colour brightness and increases the light-source lifetime to 20,000 hours in ExtremeECO mode.

    The hybrid light-source technology offers extremely flexible colour settings and a wider colour gamut. The projector has a brightness of 1,500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, while the 1080p Full HD resolution provides excellent clarity and detail for the viewing of HDTV and Blu-ray media.

    The K750 has an HDMI port for delivering uncompressed digital signals and multi-channel audio, providing easy connectivity to high-definition presentation and entertainment. It also has two connectors for multiple-PC source input, including D-Sub and HDMI.

    Enhancing its eco-friendly credentials, the K750 has an instant on/off capability, which eliminates the need for warming up and cooling down periods. The Acer SmartFormat technology also instantly synchronises with wide-format displays without any resolution adjustments from the notebook, while supporting multi-format for instant projection.

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  4. Acer launches highest brightness single lamp projector

    Taiwanese consumer electronics corporation, Acer, has launched the world’s first 6,000 lumen, single lamp projector.

    The Acer P7215 has been designed to offer the high brightness while also maintaining eco-friendly credentials, capable of delivering light for up to 2,000 while using just 350 watts.

    The P7215 projector has been designed with the consumer in mind, with convenient settings and upgraded features that serve to enhance presentation flexibility and usability. It offers native 1024x768 (XGA) resolution and supports Full HD signal, allowing for the projected images to be delivered in crisp and vibrant colour and detail.

    The projector is also DLP 3D Ready and comes with advanced firmware that gives very high refresh rates of 120 Hz and flicker-free 3D viewing. It offers advanced firmware that enables high refresh rates (120 Hz) to render flicker-free 3D experience.

    When it comes to connectivity options, the projector boasts the Crestron® network control and has HDMI, DVI, LAN and dual D-Sub ports, making it an ideal tool for professional users in large venues. The top-loading lamp means that it can be easily replaced in just a few easy steps, even when the projector is ceiling mounted.

    The device continues with Acer’s aim to promote green light source technology in its projector while maintaining impeccable performance.

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  5. Acer launches USB-only pico projector, C120

    Acer’s brand new C120 pico projector has been designed specifically – and exclusively – for use with computers.

    While many other pico-projectors cram as many connectivity options as possible into them, the C120 is a basic offering with just a USB port, supplementing the quantity of connectivity offerings with quality of image and brightness.

    The tiny projector is considerably brighter and easier to set up than some of its rival budget pico projectors. The LED-based DLP projector has native WVGA resolution (854 by 480) and its 100 lumen brightness puts it among the elite ranks of projectors of its size.

    The projector is small enough to fit in a standard trouser pocked, and weighs just six ounces. The C120 can be powered via an external power pack or simply through the USB connection through the computer to which it is connected, although powering it through the USB connection does lead to a dimming of the brightness.

    The projector’s focus wheel is conveniently located next to the lens, as opposed to on top of it, and the projector comes in a sleek black casing. It is also capable of throwing an image of as big as six feet diagonally, from a distance of eight feet away.

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  6. Acer launches C120 projector with USB power option

    Acer’s newest addition to its line of pico projectors, the C120, has the handy feature of being able to be powered by a PC via a USB connection making it an ideal gadget for high-quality presentations on the go.

    The ultraportable projector has an LED lamp, allowing for instant use and shut-down, while still providing vibrant images. Its native resolution provides a 16:9 aspect ratio at WVGA resolution (854x480) while its maximum resolution is WXGA (1280x800) in a 16:10 aspect ratio.

    Acer’s senior director of product marketing, Chris White, said that the model will be a powerful tool for businesspeople, consultants, real estate agents and “anyone who needs an ultra-portable projector that will make their presentations even more effective”.

    He explained, “It’s very convenient to use and provides a range of usage scenarios, making it the ideal companion for anyone that gives presentations on the go.”

    This USB 3.0 power option allows for faster display of the images at a bright 75 ANSI lumens, but an AC adaptor option also allows for the projector to display at 100 ANSI lumens. The LED light source has a 20,000 hour life and the C120 can project clear images from as close as 15.75 inches and as far away as 12.14 feet.

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  7. Acer launches new laser-based projector at CeBIT

    Affordable consumer electronics manufacturer, Acer, has taken the platform of the CeBIT international trade show to launch its new laser-based home projector.

    The new model, the K520 Hybrid LED Laser projector, makes use of a laser – instead of a conventional projector lamp – to create its images, which works to the benefit of both picture quality and lamp life.

    The model, which was unveiled this week at the Hanover-based tradeshow by the Taiwanese manufacturer, is capable of producing a contrast ratio of as much as 100,000:1, with 2,000 lumens of brightness. The projector offers 3D image output support, and features broad connectivity options, including VGA, composite video/audio and HDMI ports.

    The key advantage that the laser light sources offers over the conventional projector lamps is the length of its useful life. While projectors using the normal lamps have a lifespan of around 3,000 hours, the laser light source can operate effectively for up to 20,000 hours.

    The K520 offers a maximum output resolution of of 1024 x 768 (XGA), but can also support 720p and 1080p input signals. It is also equipped with the company’s EcoProtection power management system, which can reduce the projector’s power consumption by as much as 90 per cent.

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  8. Acer launches new H6500 projector

    Acer has recently announced the launch of its latest projector – the Acer H6500.

    The home entertainment projector boasts 1080p full HD projection and promises “exceptional colour fidelity”, even in environments with bright ambient light.

    According to Acer, the projector is ideal for projecting widescreen films in HDTV and Blue Ray formats, thanks to its ability to display true 24fps 1080p video content. In addition, with an image projection of up to 300 inches, the manufacturer says the experience is close to that of a commercial movie theatre.

    The latest Acer projector displays crisp visuals with a brightness of up to 2,100 ANSI lumens and the brightness can be dimmed to 1,680 to save energy and preserve power. The equipment also uses Acer’s eColor Boost II+ technology and wall-colour compensation, aiming to ensure that colours ‘pop’ whatever surface they’re projected onto – even tinted walls.

    Chris White, senior director of product marketing at Acer, said, "Home theatre enthusiasts can now enjoy film quality viewing outdoors at night or indoors without having to close the shades or turn out all the lights. Plus, the projector is easy to set up and use and is earth-friendly, since the power consumption can be reduced up to 70 per cent."

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  9. Acer projector delivers large images in the home

    Acer has launched a projector that delivers images of up to 300 inches on a diagonal in the home environment.

    Really large pictures were previously the domain of theatres or at least public spaces, but the Acer H9500BD 3D projector allows consumers to enjoy the technology in their own home.

    Despite the size of the pictures, the device is capable of providing high quality 1080p full HD images and also supports instant 2D-to-3D conversion.

    Its manufacturers suggest that its specifics make it ideal for widescreen movie watching, and people might find that HDTV and Blu-ray discs are particularly suitable.

    Chris White, the firm's senior director of product marketing, commented: “Home theatre enthusiasts will be thrilled that the Acer H9500BD lets them enjoy an enormous 300-inch diagonal Full HD 3D projected image in their home - a size that's much bigger than what's available to consumers with today's display technologies.”

    To further improve the quality of images, the device provides a 50,000:1 contrast ratio, which displays dark and light colours at their best. The 2,000 ANSI lumens projector lamp with ColorBoost II and ColorSafe II technologies also heightens the experience.

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  10. HD ready projector launched by Acer

    Acer has launched an HD ready projector, that also boasts the 3D viewing as an option.

    The Acer K330 is being marketed as a portable projector, according to the Inquirer, thanks to its small size and weight of just 1.24kg. It also features a 'Presentation to Go' application, which allows users to open office and multimedia files easily.

    But in making the device portable, the designers have been careful not to sacrifice the picture quality. The K330 is the first LED powered projector to come with a 500 lumen projector lamp, and the manufacturers estimate the light will last for up to 20,000 hours, using just 1W in standby mode.

    It has a resolution of 1280x1880 and comes with Acer Colorsafe II technology. The gadget also benefits from a contrast ration of 4,000:1.

    However, to take advantage of the 3D option on the projector, consumers will need to purchase the 3D glasses in addition to the device itself.

    In terms of connectivity, there is the option of using HDMI, component and composite inputs, as well as PC compatibility, optional WiFi and an SD card slot and USB port to bypass the need for a separate device altogether.

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