Acer has launched the new C205 LED based battery operated projector that's designed to project content from mobile devices straight on to a big screen.

The tiny projector weighs just 300g and measures 144 x 108 x 27 mm, making it ideal for transporting on long journeys and use in smaller board room.

Despite its size, the Acer C205 projector runs for two hours using its internal battery pack and also features a full sized HDMI input that is compatible with any HDMI source. The device projects up to 1280 x 800 resolution and creates a 150 lumen, 16:9 image of up to 100 inches by 82 inches.

Developed specifically for use with portable devices, the C205 projector can be connected to laptops, game consoles, Blu-ray and DVD players and MHL-ready smartphones or tablets.

The LED lamp provides 20,000 hours of use in normal mode or 30,000 hours of use in the device's ExtremeEco mode, which automatically shuts down the projector if it doesn't receive a signal input for a time period selected by the user.

The new Acer projector is now available and is on the market for around $499.