Acer unveils three new professional projectors
Acer has announced three large venue projectors: the F7200, F7500 and F7600. These new projectors are aimed at the professional market, with particular emphasis on large venues and installations.

With five lenses installed to enable users to choose from a number of different throw ratios, exceptionally high brightness of up to 6,000 lumens and the ability to turn 360 degrees, the new models promise superb flexibility.

The five throw lens enables the new projectors to go from short throw, through semi-short throw, standard throw and long throw, to super-long throw. This is good for buyers and users at large venues, as it gives them the flexibility to choose a lens that is best suited for their requirements, without changing out the projector itself. For example, the super-long option provides particular benefits to much larger venues, such as convention halls, gyms and churches.

The new projectors also come with a high brightness capability, with the ability to overcome the common challenging issues of ambient lighting in large areas. With a brightness of 6,000 lumens, the projectors provide vibrant colours and crisp image detail. Couple this with the 360-degree rotational ability and installers are given plenty of flexibility as to where to place their projector.

Regarding resolution, the projectors are available in three display resolutions, the WUXGA of the F7600, 1080p available to the F7500 and XGA available to the F7200. What's more, all of the new projectors come with HDMI and DVI-D as standard.

Victor Chien, president for Digital Display Business for Acer Inc, said of the announcement: “Acer is stepping up its game in the large venue professional projector market with the new F7 Series.

"With interchangeable lenses of different throw ratios, high brightness and 360-degree installation versatility, professional A/V installers will find the new projectors a highly practical addition to their display equipment arsenal.”